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ORCA LIFE is an agency built on this foundation:



The ORCA Story

ORCA Life planted its roots in the late 90’s. When a discouraged manager decided Corporate America had taken its toll and he needed more for himself and his family. Glenn Crabtree, President, began selling pre-paid funerals and continued doing so for several years. One day he saw a better value in the market place and decided his future would be with Final Expense Insurance. Mastering Final Expense has been his focus since 2001. He teamed up with an intelligent group of young professionals and established ORCA Life in February 2016.

ORCA Life has two priorities: our clients and our agents. During our development, the leadership team established guiding principles. These principles are the base of every decision made through this company’s journey to becoming a Market Leader in the Final Expense Industry. We take responsibility for providing the best products, trustworthy service, and sincere care to our clients. For our agents, we believe in systematic training, competitive pay, proactive business, and transparent leadership. ORCA Life is on a mission!

Mission and Vision

ORCA Life wants to be bigger. Bigger than a career. Bigger than an agency. Bigger than an insurance company. We are creating a lifestyle. Making ORCA Life a brand that is more than people, places, or things is a passion of our leaders. When you think of ORCA Life honesty, integrity, community and pure happiness should brand your mind. Demonstrating our values, witnessing our impact on others, and beholding the growth of successful people through proactive business is our passion. A better life for all is our mission. Our brand representing this is our vision. An ORCA Lifer BELIEVES!

Leadership Team

Leadership growth will precede organizational growth. Leaders grow organizations.

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Power Principles

Our core values help make decisions, determine direction, explain priorities, and measure the success of our ventures.

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