“We believe that family matters most. Connecting our family with yours creates a plan to protect those you love from future financial hardships.”

– Glenn Crabtree, President


Happiness, integrity, and profitability for all.

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Providing peace of mind for the ones you love by specializing in Final Expense.

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Who We Are

ORCA Life was created out of respect. Respect for family, their loved ones and the responsibilities we are all given with the gift of life. Respect for the community and the desire to benefit people we never meet. Respect for an agent and their quest to create a lifestyle for themselves and their family.

The ORCA Life Story

What We Do

ORCA Life brings peace-of mind to your family. Our agents are integral, honest, and sincere about their work. We specialize in caring for the senior market and assessing individual insurance needs. Our niche is the Final Expense market. We take pride in mastering the art of solving the emotional and financial problem people leave behind when they pass – there can be much more than a funeral bill.

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How We Work

ORCA Life delivers in-home service. We value face-to-face conversation and enjoy meeting new people every day. We take pride in introducing ourselves to the families we serve and giving our customers a face to trust. Ample time is spent getting to know our clients and assessing their needs and abilities. Our goal is to impact families and make the right decision for our clients.

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