• Power Principles

    The value system shaping and supporting everything we do

Power Principles

Our roadmap below reminds us of our beginnings as well as where we are headed. It helps us stick to our values and lets everyone know who ORCA Life is at its core.

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The value that separates us from the average Final Expense agency. We hold integrity at the top of our belief system. Integrity is displayed through the actions of our agents in a family’s home. Conducting only what is right, honest, and legal for our clients. It is exemplified through decisions we make as leaders and mentors. Holding ourselves accountable for the impact we make on our agents. Our partnerships and business relationships are dependent on integrity. We hold our companies, our agents, and our clients to the highest standard.

Progressive Business

The deciding factor on whether or not a great business model succeeds. Pro-active decision making will determine if your business is in front of or behind tomorrow’s movement. If you want to make progress toward anything you must spend time thinking about your subject. ORCA Life is looking beyond tomorrow before every decision is made. In a forever-market that is constantly changing it is important to think forward while serving today’s need. ORCA Life will be there for you today, tomorrow, and forever.

Personal Growth

The most powerful tool at everyone’s disposal on a daily basis. Your ability to learn from others will always accelerate your success. Self-development may be underutilized by many but we feel it is a necessity for success. Expand your comfort zone for dealing with life’s adversities. Develop different ways to succeed as a leader. Control your thought process. Understand the power of your mindset. We are in the driver’s seat on the road toward our destiny. Do you want to control your life’s journey or do you want the journey to control you? Life is what you make it – make yours GREAT.


The foundation of human happiness. It is a balanced life that allows for maximum potential. Life’s equation is freedom and finance. We believe that within our system a balanced life will be attained. You have the time you want, while maintaining a career that provides the financial security you need. Community service, family, and financial peace-of-mind are important to everyone at ORCA Life.


The deciding factor in the establishment of ORCA Life. This is a high priority of any successful individual. We have built a business model that allows for maximum agent profitability. Hard work, commitment, and consistency pay off for you at ORCA Life. It is our belief that you should reap the benefit of your own success. Agent profitability is the building block for sustained long-term success. Too many people in our world today never achieve a “what I’m worth” income. With ORCA Life that is no longer an issue. Your success is our goal.

Market Leader

The actions of a company will determine if their goals are achieved or forgotten. ORCA Life knows becoming a leader in the final expense industry is a marathon. Overnight success is not as appreciated as the sustainable journey of correct construction. The desire to become a market leader is at the beginning of all decisions made to move us forward. Alignment with this long term goal is a necessity of every move we make. The platform built here at ORCA Life allows for continued sustainable growth. Our partnerships with our companies and our people are all set for longevity and leadership at every level.


Dictates all action. Belief entices commitment. Belief allows for the energy and effort necessary for accomplishment. Belief shows through actions, words, confidence, and self-assurance. Belief will inspire and convince others to work, lead and follow. Belief is a must when working toward a greater cause. At ORCA Life we believe in our Power Principles: Integrity, Balance, Profitability, Personal Growth, Progressive Business, and Market Leadership. These core values are the foundation of ORCA Life. With these principles guiding our decisions and actions we know one day others will look at ORCA Life and want what we’ve created. We BELIEVE!