Conference Calls



October 2, 2019. Todd Barrett Responding to: Play Recording.

October 7, 2019. Kevin Glasscock Taking our WHY layers deep. Play Recording.

October 9, 2019. Kevin Glasscock & Lindsey Curry 5 to Thrive with 90 days in this decade. Play Recording.

October 14, 2019. Alex Gravelle Transition from Me to We Mindset. ORCA IS OURS!!! Play Recording.


July 29, 2019. Jordan Lindsey Why Conference Calls Are So Important & Rigid Flexibility! Play Recording.

July 30, 2019. Pat Holder ORCA Builder’s Call. Play Recording.

July 31, 2019. Matt Sanchez Taking Responsibility in Your Life & Know What You/Can’t Control. Play Recording. 


September 3, 2019. Pat Holder & Brendon Lawson Benefits of being Coachable. Play Recording.

September 5, 2019. James Darr What it takes to build a successful service provider and a Successful Team. Play Recording.

September 9, 2019. Richard Shawn & Seth Wallace Experience Strength and Hope. Play Recording.

September 11, 2019. Michael Huffman Taking Inventory in Ourselves. Play Recording.

September 16, 2019. Aaron Ehrie What Makes ORCA SO SPECIAL!. Play Recording.

September 18, 2019. Dan Morgan What to Do in The Home and Why. Play Recording.

September 23, 2019. Kevin Glasscock Job VS Retirement. Play Recording.

September 25, 2019. Chad Ryan & Aaron Ehrie Are Good Leaders Selfish or Selfless. Play Recording.

September 30, 2019. Tom Weill & Glenn Crabtree Value in Being A Service Provider & Insider’s Guide to Managing a full Commission Job. Play Recording.


August 5, 2019. Pat Holder – 6 Strategies to Guarantee Success in Our Business. Play Recording.

August 7, 2019. Cordon Cassidy & Danny Barber Mental Toughness. Play Recording.

August 12, 2019. Stormy Weather What Motivates You? Play Recording.

August 14, 2019. Stormy Weathers & Tom Lahner Checking Your Attitude & Common Sense and Logic. Play Recording.

August 19, 2019. Glenn Crabtree & Jenni Sammons The Consistent Factor in all Entrepreneurs. Play Recording.

August 21, 2019. Glenn & Chris Dickerson Trusting the System. Play Recording.

August 26, 2019. Tom Lahner & Corey Prices Assume the Sell and Keep Writing! Play Recording.

August 28, 2019. Glenn Crabtree & Lindsey Curry The Grit That It Takes To Win At Anything. Play Recording.

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