Tuesday  | January 3rd 2023 | Corey Price & Robin Kelley – tips to be more successful in the field

Thursday | January 5th 2023 | Corey Price – increase our production by understanding plans like Universal Life and features such as Reduced Paid-Up

Monday | January 9th 2023 | Alex Gravelle – Things to concentrate on while knocking in the New Year

Wednesday | January 11th 2023 | Alex Gravelle – Positive attitudes and how being a student of the game can help you no matter where you are in our business

Monday | January 16th 2023 | Jerry Allen and Tony Williams – Consistency and the importance of good habits in the field

Wednesday | January 18th 2023 | Rodney helps us understand the importance of food, sleep and exercise.

Monday | January 23rd 2023 | We recap the AmeriLife Kickoff Conference and share the lessons and excitement with the team.

Wednesday | January 25th 2023 | Michael Huffman shares with us a lesson he learned years ago from the Common Denominator of Success

Monday | January 30th 2023 | Robin Kelley walks us through how to avoid chargebacks and keep more business on the books