Wednesday | February 1st 2023 | Robin Kelley shows us how he avoids objections by assuming the sale through his entire sit

Monday | February 6th 2023 | Jordan Lindsey – First 3 lessons from 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Wednesday  | February  8th 2023 | Part 2 of the review of 7 Habits with Jordan Lindsey

Monday | February 13th 2023 | Geneva Miller – Her path to becoming more intentional about her growth.

Wednesday  | February 16th 2023 | Geneva Miller – The importance of connectivity and how it has helped her in her career

Monday | February 20th 2023 | On this call we share stories from the field to demonstrate the power of what you do in the field

Wednesday  | February 22nd 2023 | Glenn, Lindsey, and Scott discuss the importance of staying positive when things don’t go as planned

Monday | February 27th 2023 | Nick Mudd discusses how to “Level Up” your business